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  1. Asen
    Asen at |

    37000 mile Hawaii roundtrip 🙂

  2. Japan Airlines updates award chart as of October 1, makes Emirates first class redemptions MUCH cheaper - One Mile at a Time

    […] (Tip of the hat to The Wandering Aramean) […]

  3. GA
    GA at |

    Actually, the RTW in F is a better deal than most *A options – 330K for up to 50k traveled is quite good.

  4. ALCO
    ALCO at |

    Agreed on the RTW point. That’s almost as good as the old CO F RTW redemption rate.

  5. ALCO
    ALCO at |

    And the 210K in J class beats out the old CO J RTW rate by 10,000 miles. Not bad.

  6. A. S.
    A. S. at |

    In my mind, the best news (which you didn’t mention) is that they’ll be moving EK over to this distance-based chart. Most long distance flights will see a massive improvement in value! 🙂

  7. Seth
    Seth at |

    I didn’t explicitly name EK but they are included in the “all partners” bit which are moving to distance-based. Their F awards will be more reasonably priced; I have no idea how accessible the inventory is there.

    As for the RTW prices y’all are excited about, remember that the rules also say only 6 segments and 2 stops. These really aren’t traditional RTWs in a useful manner. I’d be careful before getting too excited there.