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  1. Daniël
    Daniël at |

    yes, i would wonder the same thing. I have 2 to add if it does…. hmmm… think on this, i will.

  2. greek2me
    greek2me at |

    I vote previous visits count 🙂

  3. anonymous
    anonymous at |

    Didnt know there was a country called palestine! I believe the country they were going for there is Israel

  4. matt
    matt at |

    Absent visiting a cultural site prior to the cultural events that define it, previous visits need to count. If anything count them extra for getting in early.

  5. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    3 for me, at least 1 I previously passed up as not seeming worth the detour, always a moving target.

  6. James
    James at |

    Poor Palestine fınally makes ıt…wıth a Christian heritage site. Israel ıs laughing somewhere.

    And yeah, unless the site has changed materially in some way i see no reason you shouldnt count ıt

  7. Josh
    Josh at |

    Not to get too political, but isn’t it quite cynical for “Palestine” to get the Church of the Nativity after they defiled and destroyed it (and were quite proud of it) in 2002?