JetBlue adds another destination in the Dominican Republic

When JetBlue had a contest last week regarding a new destination announcement I completely ignored the Dominican Republic as a potential location; I figured they had everything there covered with five airports served. It turns out that my geographic knowledge of the Dominican Republic was rather lacking. The carrier announced a sixth destination in the DR this week, Samana, with service operating twice weekly starting in mid-November.

Current service to Samana is limited to five weekly flights, one each to Madrid, Paris and Montreal and two weekly to Toronto. This is very much a tourist destination and JetBlue has made it clear that their growth at JFK will be leisure and VFR markets so it the new Semana service fits in that plan reasonably well. As noted by Director of Route Planning, John Checketts,

Samana is one of the best kept secrets in the Dominican Republic, and one that offers great potential. With its tropical forest and beach combination, we believe this undiscovered paradise will be a pleasant surprise for many of our customers

The new route also sees JetBlue grow its position as the largest carrier operating in the Dominican Republic.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Thanks for this. Do you know where there is a “decoder” ring for the custom stuff in GC Mapper? If it’s on the site somewhere, I could not find it.

    1. I always end up using the UI to figure out how to build the image the way I want it, F Howard. It is a very powerful interface but I never learned all the codes.

  2. That’s where I spent my honeymoon. It really is a nice kept secret. Very beautiful

  3. Visited Samana on my honeymoon as well. Awesome place, pristine, quiet, and beautiful.

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