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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    Can the Max-9 make it across the Atlantic like the 757’s do? Do you think they will have 24F or 20F like the 737-9?

  2. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    What are the advantages of this new airplane?

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      Yes, Mike, the plane has the range for the nearer edges of Western Europe from EWR. I don’t expect to see it operating on those routes anytime soon, mostly because configuring it with the BusinessFirst seats will eat away capacity pretty quickly and make it harder to be profitable.

      As for the advantages of the aircraft, it is mostly about fuel efficiency and operational performance. Expect the MAX to be quieter and burn less fuel than the current models, mostly because of new winglets and engines.

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    So from a customer (comfort) perspective, there will be virtually no difference between the 737-900ER and the 737 MAX-900?

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      I don’t think there will be anything of significance to the customer, Oliver.