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  1. James
    James at |

    On the plus side, they’re flying to Paraguay next year. That shit’s awesome

  2. PedroNY
    PedroNY at |

    That’s sad, it was nice to have these off-peak direct tickets for 40,000 miles on AA from JFK to Belgium, another route is now gone, even harder to get to Belgium/Holland/Luximburg.



  3. BothofUs2
    BothofUs2 at |

    Flew the JFK-BRU RT route on AA last month. They had a 757 which was clearly too small for the summer vacation crowd and all their carryons. FA told me on the side that the crew hated the smaller aircraft for such a long flight, some of them even ‘becoming ill’ when called to make that trip sometimes.

  4. ed
    ed at |

    Having flown that flight twice, I can honestly say good riddance. Indeed I will miss the off-peak value, and any trans-atlantic routing and competition, but it was not an enjoyable flight or a current plane.

  5. Christian
    Christian at |

    As far as speculation for the slot,I think it will be used to up the frequency of JFK-LAX…

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