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    The pilots took a beating on this one. However, I think it was generally expected that the court would allow the debtor to impose many of the requested terms. I suspect the APA knew this, and expected an unfavorable ruling (indeed, they urged membership to approve). I think the rationale among APA members to reject this was that it’d be better to endure the imposed harsher terms during bankruptcy temporarily rather than agree to a long-term agreement that imposed not-much-better terms for a longer period. APA members I think really believe that a US merger is not far off in the distance, and they view that as a white knight who will give them better terms. It’s kind of foolish, imho, because now AA can operate with the terms it wants, and it has no real urgency to emerge from Chapter 11 until new long term agreements with pilots are negotiated. But now, time is on AA’s side, while the pilots will be suffering.

    Also, 78 hours is really a lot!

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