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  1. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Some other airlines have that, but you have to call and ask 🙂


  2. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    Great to know.

  3. Whitney
    Whitney at |

    I think the majors force you to pay a change fee in order to get a price adjustment

  4. BunMama
    BunMama at |

    I regularly do the same thing online with Soithwest, but can only rebook for the same name. Call AirTran regularly to get an account credit which can. E used for anybody. Does JetBlue have any limitations on WHO the credit can be used on?

  5. Rocky
    Rocky at |
  6. Sice
    Sice at |

    Nice to know you can now take care of it online, I’ve used this in the past over the phone and it was still very easy and very worth the $70 per ticket I saved…got my wife a free trip to Disneyland since the voucher can be used for anyone traveling.

  7. Sice
    Sice at |

    At least when I used it the credits went to my TravelBank account, I applied travelbank voucher numbers to the ticket.

  8. Helen Miano
    Helen Miano at |

    I’ve had to change my flight in the past and was always charged a fee i.e. $50 if original flight was under $100, and $100 if the original flight was over $100, and i would have to pay the difference if the change was more than the original, or get a refund if it was less. Has that policy been changed I wonder.

  9. Alexandra J.
    Alexandra J. at |

    I just tried to this on an existing flight I have cause the prices have changed and it doesn’t let me do the change to get a credit, it says that no changes have been made cause I’m choosing the same flight.

  10. Steve
    Steve at |

    I tried to do this today (May 2013) and got an error message. Previously I wasn’t aware you could do this online; I thought you had to call. I don’t know if the error message was a deliberate, permanent change; a temporary change; or if it’s due to me having gotten a credit on the same itinerary already (it dropped two days in a row).

  11. Steve
    Steve at |

    Also, you can use Yapta to get notified if the price drops. It’s only really useful on airlines that will give you a credit without a fee.

    Another note, to those who encountered a change fee: JetBlue will charge a fee if you get cash back. If you get a credit towards future travel (use within one year) there is no change fee.

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    […] there is still the free repricing of the same flight for a credit if the fare goes down which is available to all […]

  13. John
    John at |

    I’m seeing the same thing as Steve and Alexandra. I’ve done this online in the past and successfully received the credit exactly as you detail, but a flight I am booked on had a price drop and I just tried to change the seats and when I do it pops up an error message saying there was no change to your itinerary.