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  1. Zz
    Zz at |

    Transfer your points to Iberia (if you get more than 3000. Gives your 5:2 (3000=7500 IB points). Then link your iberia account to your BA account. Avios point can be quite useful.

  2. Alan
    Alan at |

    The threshold for Iberia transfers is also lower (3000 Accor points required vs. 4000 for most other programs). This means you might actually be able to generate enough hotel spend to actually receive something from this program. If you signed up for the free platinum status offers this means you would need to generate 750 euros of hotel spend for 3000 Accor points or 7500 IB Avios (which I assume can be transferred to BA at 1:1).

  3. Alan
    Alan at |

    BTW, thanks for the post on the deal. I was able to book a “4 star” Novatel in Lisbon for an upcoming (November) trip for less than $60/night. Like you I don’t care if I get points out of this or not!

  4. Mileswhore
    Mileswhore at |

    It should be noted that these are non-refundable fares – those suck.