More United 787 flights announced

Last week United Airlines announced the initial international routes that their new 787 Dreamliner aircraft would serve. That announcement was followed this week with another, listing the domestic schedule the aircraft will fly. These domestic routes allow the company to position the aircraft from the maintenance and crew base in Houston to serve the routes originating in other hubs. They also will use the aircraft on some hub-to-hub routes not associated with positioning for other routes. Here is the schedule as announced:

8 a.m. northbound
3:30 p.m. southbound
Daily except November 18: Nov. 4, 2012-Jan. 3, 2013

7 a.m. northbound
4 p.m. southbound
One-day service: Nov. 10, 2012

7 a.m. northbound
3:50 p.m. southbound
One-day service: Nov. 17, 2012

5:45 p.m. westbound
12:15 a.m. eastbound
5x weekly: Nov. 4, 2012-Dec. 2, 2012

5:45 p.m. westbound
12:15 a.m. eastbound
Daily: Dec. 3, 2012-Jan. 3, 2013

7:25 a.m. northbound
11:15 a.m. southbound
Daily: Jan. 4, 2013-March 29, 2013

7:20 a.m. westbound
10:15 a.m. eastbound
Daily: Dec. 5, 2012-Jan. 2, 2013

9:15 a.m. westbound
2:15 p.m. eastbound
Daily: March 31, 2013-

3:30 p.m. westbound
6:25 p.m. eastbound
6x weekly: Nov. 4, 2012-Dec. 3, 2012

3:30 p.m. westbound
6:25 p.m. eastbound
Daily: Dec. 4, 2012-Jan. 3, 2013

7:35 a.m. westbound
12:30 p.m. eastbound
Daily: Jan. 3, 2013-March 31, 2013

These flights should be loaded into the system this weekend.

What isn’t included in these schedules, however, is the actual first flight. Per the release, "In October, United will announce plans for the official first commercial 787 flights, which are expected to occur prior to Nov. 4 but only after proving/validation flights and training are complete." So we’re still waiting to find out when the actual first flight will be, but it is coming soon.

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  1. I’d imagine so. I think there will be very few people who are going to pay for F just because of a 787, and it’s better to have happy elites and full F than 1/3 full F and annoyed elites.

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