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  1. nelumbo
    nelumbo at |

    Thanks a lot Seth!

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  4. ChineseScouse
    ChineseScouse at |

    Brilliant work…as always.

  5. atxtravel
    atxtravel at |

    Does ANA tool show all Singapore availability that’s shared with the alliance? It’s the one airline where I have a hard time finding them on United or Aeroplan with any consistency.

  6. atxtravel
    atxtravel at |

    Thanks Seth, good info. I guess finding SQ availability comes down to using their own website and calling United to see if they’ll book it. Even Expertflyer doesn’t have them.

  7. tck
    tck at |

    Can you tell me how to run the script in Safari? Sorry but I have little coding knowledge.

  8. tck
    tck at |

    I can’t find a library folder. Can it be called something else?

  9. tck
    tck at |

    Do you know anything about ninja kit. It was suggested on the grease monkey download page as better. How would I run a script using that.

  10. AJ
    AJ at |

    The extension must have access to all websites data? What’s that about? (using Chrome)

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  12. Jack
    Jack at |

    I am getting a run time error, tried installing both in chrome and IE.

  13. Seth
    Seth at |

    Instaling what? And what is giving the runtime error? Chrome will warn you against installing it directly from my site and require you to download it and install manually. And I don’t think IE supports GreaseMonkey. But neither should present anything resembling a runtime error.

  14. Crystal
    Crystal at |

    It keeps telling me “document” is undefined and won’t work. Grr

  15. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    I may be late to the party here – easiest way (2 steps) to get it to work in Chrome that I know of are just to install the plugin ‘Tampermonkey’ from http://code.google.com/p/tampermonkey/ (first link on this page)
    Then return here and Seth’s link for the script and accept it.
    Worked great for me thanks!

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  17. Luca
    Luca at |

    It wooorks! I have Chrome

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