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  1. Mommy Points
    Mommy Points at |

    Sounds fun!

  2. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    Nice write up about your ‘passion’ and cool pictures too. Glad to know that I am not the only one who still gets giddy when going to the airport to see planes or even to have the good fortune of exploring them up close. That’s not an obsession in my book, simply a deep devotion for something ahh inspiring like the wonder of flight! Although a photo of you with your face painted would have been good to share too!

  3. Michael W Travels
    Michael W Travels at |

    Sounds like it was a good time regardless of it being geared more towards little kids!

  4. Tim
    Tim at |

    Just heard that ORD is having a 5K race, a fun run and a kids day this month. United is a partner too. I am hoping they will bring their 787 up for a photo op, but am not holding my breath.

    Read more here (http://landtt.blogspot.com/2012/09/ohare-5k-on-runway.html) and if you or your readers will be in Chicago on October 20th you should sign up and join us on the runway!

  5. Angela
    Angela at |

    Do you know when this year’s (2013) family day is?

  6. Newark Airport Family Day 2013 - The #hustle Blog - The #hustle Blog

    […] the opportunity to get some great planes potting shots from the bleachers. He also wrote a nice post recapping the day […]