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  1. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    A month later and I might’ve taken you up on that offer, unfortunately no p.s. in October, just November and December.

  2. Susan
    Susan at |

    I actually snagged what might be one of those the other day from my little home airport for November. One way AGS-LAX for $140. Quite happy with it!

  3. David
    David at |

    I could use the RPU…currently R inventory on my SFO-IAD segment.

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    I have at least one (possibly armfuls after I finish booking things this evening) p.s. trip with R5. A free RPU would be much appreciated.

  5. LAXTraveler
    LAXTraveler at |

    R2 and R8 on p.s. flights for a family member.

  6. hulagrrl210
    hulagrrl210 at |

    I’m flying SMF-LAX-CLE-MCI-SFO-SMF on Oct 1-2. I’d sure love a RPU for the red-eye segment!

  7. Sahib
    Sahib at |

    I booked mileage run on 31st jfk-sfo-sna-sfo-jfk for $208! The leg SFO-JFK is red eye flight departing at 11:15 pm and has 3R’s available! It would be great to have it for that leg!!

  8. Joe
    Joe at |

    Could definitely use an RPU here.
    MKE-ORD-SFO-EWR-SJU routing couple R cabin available

  9. William
    William at |

    Will be flying from LAX to JFK on September 23 (red eye flight). Expert flyer currently shows 7 open seats in R class. I am a college student and I would LOVE to be able to use the upgrade!

  10. Ygor
    Ygor at |

    Got a SAN-IAH-PHL in October with R space. I upgraded my better half already and as of now I am riding in the back! Would really appreciate the RPU so we can sit together!

  11. Jordan
    Jordan at |

    Could use an RPU. Thanks!

  12. FEV
    FEV at |

    Please … please … please … pick me! Leaving next week on United, roundtrip LAX to IAD and I verified using two methods that upgrades are available in both directions – I checked and then I also confirmed with UA over the phone that upgrades are available in both directions and that my ticket allows an RPU.

    One is a red-eye and I’m thinking I would use it for that flight.

    Not that I’m begging … but please pick me! 🙂

    Thank you for this generous offer to your readers!

  13. Ore D.
    Ore D. at |

    Hi! I am flying LAX-JFK on 9/27 and then back JFK-LAX on 10/7. It would be great to finally experience an upgrade. I am new to this and haven’t yet experienced this type of perk. Pick me!

  14. Matt
    Matt at |

    Flying SFO to EWR on a red eye in late October. I think they have business first, not regular domestic first, and it would be great to get a good night’s sleep on some flat seats!

  15. Britt
    Britt at |

    I could use an RPU on my LAX-CLE or CLE-SFO segments coming up! Thanks!

  16. Goosh
    Goosh at |

    JFK-LAX in October. R5.

  17. viguera
    viguera at |

    The wife has EWR-SAN on United coming up 9/24. Outbound is R0 but return is R1.

    Yeah I know, cutting it close but what are you gonna do? 🙂

  18. Chris
    Chris at |

    Would love an upgrade on DCA-DEN on 9/21 showing R3.


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  20. dwh
    dwh at |

    ORD-SFO and SFO-IAD have R1

    Would love the upgrade. Thanks Seth!

  21. Rayn
    Rayn at |

    Would love to have the upgrade on JFK-SFO or SFO-JFK on Dec 1.
    Please let those with longer segment enjoy the upgrade to maximize its value.

  22. Mike
    Mike at |

    CID-SYD Sept. 14 (R5 on the domestic legs); Would love to upgrade my wife

    Would love the GPU for a parent who is coming to visit me in SYD at the end of march (tickets will be booked soon)

  23. steven bay
    steven bay at |

    I have a long flight from singapore to NYC this september. Your GPU will benefit me a lot. thanks!

  24. Carl T
    Carl T at |

    EWR-SFO for Thanksgiving! (obviously for Tommy’s GPU) Would make that a pretty awesome flight!

  25. FEV
    FEV at |

    OK … I’m such a newbie that I had to look up what GPU means. Will it work on BA? If so, I’m throwing my hat in the ring. I have a RT before year’s end.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  26. Ansh
    Ansh at |

    I will be flying EWR-DEL, and could definitely use a GPU

  27. Jarred
    Jarred at |

    I could definitely use a GPU! Hope I win…

  28. James
    James at |

    Flying from the east coast to SF… Fingers crossed!

  29. Jason
    Jason at |

    Pick me!

  30. Abhishek Duggal
    Abhishek Duggal at |

    Thanks for the GPU as well as RPU opportunities! They would both come handy!

  31. laurent
    laurent at |

    I could use the RPU.

  32. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    LAX-JFK, UA912 (ps), on 9/18; it is R1. A redeye that my parents are taking home after coming out to visit their four-week old granddaughter. Would be wonderful for one of them to have a more comfortable ride home.

  33. IDGflygirl
    IDGflygirl at |

    Sorry I didn’t ‘tune in’ sooner, but congrats to those who got in on teh deal!

  34. Ray
    Ray at |

    Would really appreciate one. thanks

  35. sendbillmoney
    sendbillmoney at |

    Fate could smile on me. Stranger things happen.

  36. Nelton
    Nelton at |

    i have a outbond flight in late sep, leaving mia-iah-ewr-sea only ewr-sea available. Another flight in oct leaving from mia-iah-sfo to pvr. r class only available from mia-iah 🙁

  37. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Flying Copa to CTG for Turkey Day. A GPU might come in handy. Thanks!

  38. Matt
    Matt at |

    Have a RT flight AUS-AMS in October and AUS-LON in November. Would love a GPU for the transatlantic portion

  39. Fábio Vilela
    Fábio Vilela at |

    Flying GRU-EWR on Thanksgiving. It would be great to get a GPU. Thanks !

  40. emmygofly
    emmygofly at |

    I would love it for my ORD-IAD flight on the 8th of Sept. Not exactly transcon but I have a tight connection to make in IAD and being up front would certainly help. Alternatively I could use it on my IAD-ORD return.

  41. Gene
    Gene at |

    I’ve got a segment JFK-SFO in November that shows R6 available!

  42. Terry
    Terry at |

    A free RPU for LAX to EWR would be great. THANKS

  43. Dave
    Dave at |

    SFO-EWR October showing R space. Thanks Seth!

  44. Au4882
    Au4882 at |

    Will be flying DCA-IAH-SJU-ORD-IAD next week (9/14, returning 9/15). R availability all segments. Would love to use a RPU on one of the long segments (IAH-SJU is 4:30 / 2007 miles) or preferably SJU-ORD (5:06 / 2072 miles). Am 6’4″ so this could be rough in the back. Thanks!

  45. FrankW
    FrankW at |

    I have several flights that this would be incredibly useful for, namely IAD-DXB or NRT-ORD. Would make for an incredible overnight segment on one of these flights in my RTW itinerary. Thanks!

  46. Angelina
    Angelina at |

    I’m traveling to FTU on Nov 30-Dec 2 with plenty of R on both segments. Would love to use a RPU because as a measly silver, I hardly get the upgrade experience (unless traveling with Kevin and if he’s feeling nice to give it up to me haha)

    I also have an EWR-IST flight on Nov 18-25 on UA metal if that’s eligible with the GPU

    Crossing fingers!!

  47. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    I have MCO-DRS flight I am about to book for beginning of October. I would love the opportunity to fly business using a GPU. Also, 9/7 is my birthday. I cant think of a better gift! 🙂

  48. Philip
    Philip at |

    My girlfriend and I are traveling to Europe for our first time Sept 26-Oct 7 on United. Will be flying IAD-MAD, MUC-FRA-IAD. Plenty of R availability on the FRA-IAD. Would love a GPU for her on the way home! Thanks!

  49. Chris L
    Chris L at |

    Thanks Seth – I’m in. Heading to MSP in late September. R availability on all legs except the RJ and EMB-120 🙁

  50. Michael
    Michael at |

    Flying nearly 24 hours from New York to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in October (connecting in Beijing). Would love that GPU for the way there, on which there is plenty of R availability. The idea of 14.5 hours in coach makes me nervous about my ability to be “on” from the moment I arrive!

  51. Ian
    Ian at |

    Thanks for the offer! Flying to Israel for only a 3 day visit! IAD thru EWR in October. R available both ways. GPU would make the 3 day trip tolerable!!

  52. Neeraj
    Neeraj at |

    Headed to Europe in early October. IAH-IAD-GVA-NCE-FRA-IAH. Would love to upgrade one of the transcontinental segments!

  53. Anthony
    Anthony at |

    SFO-ORD-DTW on 9/12. Thanks!

  54. Dhando
    Dhando at |

    Ive got a few upcoming flights this would make much more enjoyable

  55. Aarash
    Aarash at |

    I’ll be flying my mom from WAS to LAX (On to HNL) mid october to meet her new grandbaby, due oct 14! This would definitely help, considering she had back surgery and those Coach seats can be quite tough on her.

  56. David Code
    David Code at |

    Hey Tommy the Goalie! My 2 kids and I are flying IAD to your homeland, then Sweden, then Finland on Oct 11! Your GPU would be a treat for my 10 year-old daughter, if you’re game…

  57. Sean
    Sean at |

    Would love an RPU or GPU to use!

  58. Naif
    Naif at |

    is that RPU still available?

  59. Kenny
    Kenny at |

    i could definitely use my gpu for my trip to europe next week

  60. Peter
    Peter at |

    An RPU & GPU would be great on a Redeye from LAX-IAD-BDL at the end of the month. Thanks.

  61. Eric B
    Eric B at |

    I have a SFO-ORD Friday red-eye and a SFO-BWI segment that I could use this for. Thanks for the giveaway Seth!

    Too bad it’s not valid in November, have IAH-LIM and back. If Tommy’s GPU is in play, I’d probably switch it to GRU-EWR since I’ll be flying back from FLN anyway, oh well :

  62. bk
    bk at |

    No transcons, but 4+ hour flights – count me in.

  63. Fernando
    Fernando at |

    RPU please… BDL->ORD

  64. Dan
    Dan at |

    I would love to get that GPU. I’m taking the Dreamliner on Dec 2 from SFO-IAH. There’s plenty of availability on it (surprisingly). That redeye would be oh so much more comfortable.