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  1. IdahoSt
    IdahoSt at |

    Delta might be the most dishonest large corporation in this country, to try and make your customers believe advance notification for award changes is a non-existant legal issue is a travesty…just like their availability

  2. Unhappy 1K
    Unhappy 1K at |

    Well if they had the 4mile fare I think they’d now be stuck w/ it 🙂

  3. Delta Offers the Dumbest Excuse from a Frequent Flyer Program, Ever? - View from the Wing

    […] Wandering Aramean flags that Delta has now offered an explanation for not giving their customers advance notice of the changes. It works like a pricing change, so legally, we’re not allowed to notify folks in advance. […]

  4. Brian L.
    Brian L. at |

    “It would be a shame if they continue to lie to their customers like this.”

    A shame, yes, but expected.