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  1. MilesFromBlighyty
    MilesFromBlighyty at |

    Shame about losing the old UA Red Carpet Club at LGA as I have an affection for it having spent probably too much of my life there.

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    Is UA consolidating operations on pier C or are they continuing to operate out of pier A as well? Seems like AA could shift some of their RJs from C over to A

    Also, wasn’t UA planning to expand the lounge including a new entrance post security in C?

  3. canucklehead
    canucklehead at |

    I find AC MLL offerings are usually better than United clubs, so also looking forward to an upgrade in soft product. (might be too much to hope for soup in the lounge 🙂 )

  4. Phudnik
    Phudnik at |

    If there is an AC MLL at LGA outside of security, I would think the only reason to go to the UC would be to get help on a ticket.

  5. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    @Phudnik- However, it is entirely possible AC will restrict Star Gold access to the lounge unless you are flying on AC like what SQ does in SFO. The lounge space is pretty small, so after the lounge opens AC might will have to consider instilling some kind of restrictive access control procedures.

  6. Gobluetwo
    Gobluetwo at |

    The club in pier A is the former presidents club. It was never, to my knowledge, a red carpet club. I will definitely be stopping by once it is open as an mll just to check it out, but the club Indy pier c will generally be more convenient, even for those times I’m on aa. Also, I imagine the renovations to the c club will be part of the broader lga renovations, no?

  7. Kostas
    Kostas at |

    I noticed that one of the United Lounges at Newark servicing gates A11-20 closed. This pier contains all Air Canada flights – any chance it is reopening as a Maple Leaf Lounge?