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  1. ralph
    ralph at |

    another change we will like?

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  3. Ruy
    Ruy at |

    It was there this morning and around noon it went away. Very frustrating.

  4. Deirdre
    Deirdre at |

    The 14th is the end of the US work week. However the end of Qatar’s work week is Thursday. It’s Wednesday here and Thursday there, so I’m guessing it’s more likely that QR pulled the inventory because when they came back to work, it’d be after the 14th.

  5. ChineseScouser
    ChineseScouser at |

    They were already having probably this past weekend when they updated their systems.

    Any response from United?

  6. Pointsandtravel
    Pointsandtravel at |

    They make me so mad! Can’t they just wait?

  7. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Thank you–I have one award left to book, fingers crossed. My own…

  8. B Bunn
    B Bunn at |

    Another United FAIL.

    At least I got one trip booked before availability was pulled. Awaiting your update re: response from UA.

  9. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    Glad I was able to book my flight to RGN a few days ago but was hoping to make a change keeping at least one leg on Qatar by Friday.

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