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  1. ed
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    Passengers aren’t indifferent, but they might not be rational or clear on what is important to them. Just as most people do not calculate a value-per-mile ala milevalue.com, most have not quantified routing and time costs of alternate airports, let alone subjective value of experiences. The trend of “smart software” often holds that people will reveal this to the software which will become some kind of IP. In my opinion, it must reveal the preferences to the individual so that s/he may act on it. This is a premise of quantifiedself.com

  2. theblakefish
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    Domestically, I could honestly care less about the attitude of the employees – I have been desensitized to anyone being short or rude to me and I blow that off…same with the airport experience…75% of US airports are horrendous in so many ways (no power plugs, bad aircon, too many Auntie Annes, etc.) that I don’t even bother worrying about them….but what makes my domestic flights good or bad can be described in three words: Legroom, Legroom, Legroom! 🙂 On an international flight, I do look at everything and a domestic attitude surely resonates with me more on an International flight.

  3. HansGolden
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    9000 or 90,000?

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