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  1. CDKing
    CDKing at |

    Very sad. I wish i had the chance to try out getting to the airport close to arrival time and to get picked up plane side by taxi or towncar. NO more since the move to the main terminal

  2. Fisher1949
    Fisher1949 at |

    Are they harassing these people because their secure area is so porous that even they don’t trust it?

    TSA seem to be deliberately trying to make a joke out of airline security and make Americans look like fools in the process.

    In two years they have added taking naked pictures of us and our kids, fondling our privates in public, exposing us to untested x-ray scanners and subjecting us to random, warrantless interrogations that are illegal for law enforcement.

    Now the expose people’s drinks to some unknown chemical when OSHA regulations require a Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet for any substance that humans contact. Why not test the drinks at the vendor instead of after a person pays $8 for a cup of coffee?

    What’s next from this erratic agency, random executions? This has become a sick sideshow and we can’t take another four years of Pistole and Napolitano. TSA must be made to act responsibly before it reaches the point when public resentment ends in an ugly backlash.