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  1. Julian
    Julian at |

    Good summary. Did you already get an iPhone?

  2. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    Is there any news on if this will be a feature of existing iPhones? I have a 4S and will be flying to SF tomorrow…

  3. GA
    GA at |

    What airline(s) is/are the tipping point such that it is a competitive disadvantage do not be involved?

    For the US, UA is my guess. LH (group) in EU and either CX or SQ in Asia.

  4. Sice
    Sice at |

    So they’ll play nice with Apple but not with AwardWallet…what gives???

  5. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    @GA – I’d also guess also UA – and/or DL.
    WN and US may come up to speed sometime next decade.

  6. jetsetboy
    jetsetboy at |

    @Scottrick: PassBook is a function of iOS 6, so once you’ve upgraded your iPhone software you will have it. New iPhone is being announced tomorrow, and rumor is it will be available starting Sept 21st. So most likely that will be the same date that you can update your iPhone software as well.

  7. Julian
    Julian at |

    @Seth: Have you actually calculated how much data you use? I find the new $25/100 MB very useful, sometimes even cheaper than the $65 unlimited plan, especially if you prorate it. And I’m a somewhat heavy user. And if I ever need to do even heavier data downloads, and video calls, buying a local sim and swapping it is extremely easy and cheap. And the local sim usually gives you the option for a free mobile hotspot (tethering) in almost any other country in the world, except US.

  8. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    Passbook passes don’t necessarily go through apple. I’ve only put together basic ones, but it is all in a file that the user downloads (be it through app, email, or web) and adds to passbook. As far as I know, that data is never transmitted to apple. And award wallet and passbook are in completely different realms of passenger data sharing.

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