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  1. Burj
    Burj at |

    I give AA credit for admitting that on domestic flights there is no MOML (Muslim Meal) and that they just substitute the VGML instead. Delta (and I assume other airlines) do the same thing but are not as open about it.

  2. Ted S.
    Ted S. at |

    This may also allow the airline to carry less food and thereby save fuel, as they don’t need to add x number of this and y number of that to give passengers more freedom of choice. It may also lessen catering costs, although I imagine the bigger savings is in the transport of food rather than the catering orders.

  3. Bryan
    Bryan at |

    Ted – Does AA over-cater for domestic flights? I didn’t think they did so I’m not sure the savings would be recognized there.

  4. Ted S.
    Ted S. at |

    I can’t say for sure, but I’ve often been the last person to have their order taken and almost always get what I want. I’m sure they’re really good at predicting the right ratio of entree choices to order, but given how few people sit in F and C on any given plane, they’ve almost gotten it too good if they’re not over-catering by just a little.

    I remember one time when I was the first person to order, and I ordered “whatever’s left after you take everyone else’s order,” the FA looked at me as though I had two heads. I only speak from personal experience, not as an industry insider.

    I can also say that I’ve noticed AA do things like thinning their napkins, presumably in the name of weight savings. I can imagine that one eliminated entree is worth quite a few napkins.

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