Goodbye, TACA; Hello, Avianca!

AviancaTaca Holding, the parent company of the merged Avianca and TACA brands, announced today that the TACA name will be retired in 2013. The company will be converting all operations to the Avianca name starting at the beginning of the year. The move will affect the TACA International, Lacsa, TACA Perú, Avianca y Tampa-Cargo and AeroGal brands.

The move will impact more than just the name and paint job on the planes. From the announcement:

En línea con la decisión de adoptar una marca comercial única, se trabaja en la integración del sistema visual bajo la marca Avianca, con miras a su lanzamiento oficial en el primer semestre de 2013. Dentro de los productos y servicios que estarán unificándose está el sitio de Internet, los centros de contacto, la imagen de las aeronaves, piezas de comunicación, uniformes y demás espacios utilizados para el contacto con los clientes.

I don’t really speak Spanish (I’ve been using their emails to practice and I don’t know if it is working or not) but it seems that they will consolidate to a single website, unified call centers, uniforms and more. Hopefully the unification efforts don’t break the gems hidden in their LifeMiles loyalty program.

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  1. I do speak Spanish, and that is what that says.

    Also… I got the English version of this email!

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