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  1. Naif
    Naif at |

    I guess just to make it feel more personal

  2. Michael R.
    Michael R. at |

    Very interesting. I just looked at my statement. I received the same two marketing messages about the Marriott Marquis and E+, but no personalized messages about the airports. Granted, most of the flights I took we’re on *A partners, but most of the airports visited were still UA airports, too. Their targeting might still be limited to the UA-only ecosystem and/or you’re in the Beta group.

  3. Michael R.
    Michael R. at |

    *were* on *A partners (damn you autocorrect!) 🙂

  4. NB
    NB at |

    I also got the two marketing messages only. In September, I flew 3 UA segments and made reservations on a further 5 – but clearly very uninteresting as none of it was worthy of comment by UA.

    I do slightly worry about personalized marketing. I fly a particular route regularly and UA must know it. If there is a promotion on that route, then it would be great to receive an email about the promotion. However, my concern is that they may choose instead to offer slightly higher prices to me on that route as they know I’m going to use it anyway.

  5. Jon P
    Jon P at |

    I only got the first two as well. Maybe next month I’ll see something as I have two trips to Europe and a couple transcons…all on UA