Update on Sandy’s impact: JFK expected to reopen 1pm 31 October

Just heard from a reasonably reliable source about the expectations for JFK airport to be reopened. It seems that the expectation is that the facility will be open by 1pm on Wednesday, October 31.

The runways are being worked on now. Most runways were submerged last night, and they have to remove debris (including small boats) that washed in. Once the Port Authority clears the runway, they need to be inspected for further damage. The FAA has to certify their equipment (aircraft tracking, communications, etc.) is fully operational. The Port Authority is expecting to be able to deliver a “Working Airport” at JFK by 1 PM tomorrow.

I am also hearing that American Airlines has decided to cancel all flights out of both LaGuardia and JFK for the 31st. The expectation is that they will be able to get some planes in to JFK on Wednesday in order to be able to begin normal operations on Thursday, November 1.

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Seth Miller

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