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  1. warren terra
    warren terra at |

    maybe the TSA thinks you flew 200 million miles too much and so they have to stop you from it. lol

  2. D
    D at |

    It didn’t take me long after your post to figure out how to do this myself. And it’s been accurate 100% of the time since then – on more than 5 flights/originations.

  3. The Weekly Flyer
    The Weekly Flyer at |

    Have they responded to these findings yet? Great post series, I’ve been wondering about this for a while.

  4. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Wow, that’s disturbing. I’ve always felt the TSA does nothing to actually keep us safe, apparently they even do the opposite.

  5. Joe
    Joe at |

    Does it really matter if this “security hole” existed in the boarding pass? What is the concern if they’ve gone through the TSA screening checkpoint?

    At the end of the day, even going through the “more stringent” TSA procedures (taking your laptop out, NoS or Patdown, taking your liquids out) is nothing more than security theatre, and does not improve the overall safety of air travel compared with the TSA Pre procedures. TSA Pre essentially is the pre-2001 security procedure.

  6. Oliver 2002
    Oliver 2002 at |

    Seth, the pre check pax get screened too, the unnecessarily invasive bits the TSA dreamed up to comply with the general anxiety just drop off, just like we have in Europe. In MUC liquids can sty in the bag too. 🙂

  7. Michael D
    Michael D at |

    Don’t worry we are protected by layers of security:

    They may penetrate the Salsa into the Guacamole with a dab of Sour Cream but the TSA will never let them taste our Refried Beans.

    BTW the price of Grated Cheese and Sliced Scallions has risen to a million dollars a pound.

    I don’t think this is confirmation of the gapping hole in TSA PreCheck. It is simply confirmation of the gapping holes in the TSA.

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