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  1. TylerDurden
    TylerDurden at |

    Well done, Seth. A great gesture

  2. Barry
    Barry at |

    Well done

  3. steff
    steff at |

    I usually donate straight to the red cross since they have an infrastructure available to get things where they need to be.

  4. Jay
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  5. canucklehead
    canucklehead at |

    Great job in helping raise funds to support relief efforts! I was away from NYC when the storm came ashore and I must admit, the first pics I saw of Sandy’s wrath were the ones you posted on your blog.

  6. Jes
    Jes at |

    This is a great and generous initiative amongst the bloggers. Well done!

  7. FriendlySkies
    FriendlySkies at |

    Nice gesture, though maybe some of the bloggers involved would also consider donating some of their CC referrals…

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  9. Gabe
    Gabe at |

    Thanks Seth!

  10. boon
    boon at |

    Nice thought FriendlySkies. Good on you Seth.

  11. LeeAnn
    LeeAnn at |

    I donate to We Care, the internal help fund for United employees.

  12. Mark The Shark
    Mark The Shark at |

    I’ve donated to the Red Cross. Kudos to you Seth!

  13. Cook
    Cook at |

    Heck yes!! I’ve made my own modest contributions, but if leaving this note will help to enable even more, I’m good glad to do it. Grand Idea!!
    It is now a full week since the storm stuck. FEMA is on-scene and looking very busy, for the most part taking applications… If anyone knows or can find out, a full week later, has anyone has a sip of FEMA-provided water, eaten a FMA meal or slept a (warm) night in FEMA-provided shelter? The Red Cross and others have been doing their thing – on the ground, but I’m not reading any reports of FEMA doing much beyond surveys, assessments and “Accepting Applications.” I hope someone can point me toward some direct action by FEMA. I cannot help but recall W’s comment in the aftermath of Katrina, “You’re doing a fine job, Brownie, and essentially fired him a few days later. I’d like to think that Mr. Obama’s team is doing a bit better, but I’ve yet to see reports of the on-ground services – like real, hot food passing the lips of those who have had cold canned beans or date-questionable cold cuts for a week. At this point, even a coach-class airline meal might be welcomed by many. There are countless catering kitchens in NYC. If they have power, are they helping with local food needs? I wonder.

  14. V
    V at |

    Great deal! donated $400 already but would consider some more…

  15. Jeff
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  16. James W
    James W at |

    It is very nice of the boarding area bloggers to come together in this time of need.

  17. progapanda
    progapanda at |

    As an alternative to the Red Cross, you may consider (as I have) to the NYC Mayor’s Fund (text NYCFUND to 50555) to ensure every $ of your donation goes to caring for displaced New Yorkers – no administrative overhead.

  18. Philatravelgirl
    Philatravelgirl at |

    Great idea- my company has always 2x matched our donations so I gave to the Red Cross. Through twitter found a few locals in PA collecting items to bring to NY and hooked them up w/those offline wanting to donate goods, clothes, etc.

  19. Jon P
    Jon P at |

    This is great!!

  20. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Thanks for this initiative.

  21. Michael R.
    Michael R. at |

    Happy to add my comment and support

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  24. idgflygirl
    idgflygirl at |

    Great post & good info.!

  25. Ann
    Ann at |

    I like to donate through my workplace.

  26. dealswelike
    dealswelike at |

    I went to Costco and donated a bunch of essential items needed for the relief efforts. Also helping by getting another dollar raised right now 🙂

  27. ali
    ali at |

    i donated food and clothes to a local church in my neighborhood. the people in need were so grateful and received help almost immediately.

  28. Elena Garcia
    Elena Garcia at |

    Thanks for your support! great idea 🙂

  29. Brendan
    Brendan at |

    Donating points like many readers of these blogs

  30. Dave
    Dave at |

    From a Hoboken NJ resident who thankfully sustained just a little damage and just got power back Saturday, thanks for what you’re doing to support my neighbors and everyone else affected by the storm.

  31. Jimmy @TravelByPoints
    Jimmy @TravelByPoints at |

    Donating to Red Cross as always.

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  33. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    good work

  34. Will
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  35. Joanna
    Joanna at |

    I gave to the Red Cross and through the HHonors program.

  36. Alexis L
    Alexis L at |

    I donate to the Red Cross.

  37. Bird
    Bird at |

    Thanks to the link in your previous post about air and hotel programs that are contributing to the relief efforts, I got 500 AA miles with a donation to the Red Cross! Separately, I sent money to the Humane Society for their efforts to rescue pets that their human companions had to leave behind when they (the people) were evacuated.

  38. CG
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  39. Chris
    Chris at |

    You guys are great!

  40. Rick
    Rick at |

    Never knew you lived in lower Manhattan too (like me). I’m gonna start reading your blog every day. Keep up the good work!

  41. Lea
    Lea at |

    I donated to the Red Cross. Glad to see you were minimally impacted.

  42. Kevincm
    Kevincm at |

    Glad to see you’re safe. Just me helping out.

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  44. Mike
    Mike at |

    Great plan!

  45. Chase
    Chase at |

    My friends were affected by the storm. Thank you for doing this. I donated to the Red Cross.

  46. Frequent Flyer Collector
    Frequent Flyer Collector at |

    Great thing for the Boarding Area bloggers to do!

  47. John
    John at |

    American Red Cross

  48. boxo
    boxo at |

    I’ve not been impacted by Sandy, but will spread the word about you bloggers with hearts of gold.

  49. the #hustle blog
    the #hustle blog at |

    Great job, all!

  50. Lee
    Lee at |

    Good job

  51. Merrily
    Merrily at |

    I donate to a homeless women’s shelter.

  52. chelle
    chelle at |

    donated to red cross via text. so sad for all my friends and colleagues up there…

  53. Amy C
    Amy C at |

    thank you!

  54. Halo
    Halo at |

    Comment 2.1

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  56. riverchica
    riverchica at |

    This is great! Thanks for donating!

  57. Tyler
    Tyler at |

    Right on! Great idea!

  58. George
    George at |

    Thanks for your generosity

  59. Bill N
    Bill N at |

    Good job

  60. Perryplatypus
    Perryplatypus at |

    Great cause

  61. Paladin
    Paladin at |

    Great job. We’re pulling together supplies that we can donate, just need to find a way to get them up from DC.

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  63. Taryn H
    Taryn H at |

    Great idea!

  64. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    I just returned from a trip. Will be making a monetary donation soon. Possibly in conjunction with one of the offers you listed. Thanks!

  65. Mattolo
    Mattolo at |

    Donate for me!

  66. glen
    glen at |

    I donated to the Red Cross.

  67. Joe
    Joe at |

    Great idea by all of you, keep up the good work!

  68. Jordan
    Jordan at |

    Great initiative. I’ve been affected by several hurricanes that have struck the mid Atlantic, you and everyone else up there have our sympathies.

  69. Abhishek Duggal
    Abhishek Duggal at |

    By doing whatever is in my capacity!

  70. Theresa
    Theresa at |

    Thanks for doing this. I donate to the Red Cross monthly, was told this helps with their budgeting.

  71. Marlene
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  72. Mizliz
    Mizliz at |

    Red Cross Disaster Relief

  73. JoshL
    JoshL at |

    Never knew a simple comment could help out like this 🙂

  74. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    73+153+82+101+63+79 — what does that say about the size of the blogs’ audience… or perhaps it’s just an indication that many can’t be bothered to add a comment or six?

    Compare to Mommy Points’ Alamo swag giveaway, which drew 415 comments. http://blog.wandr.me/mommypoints/2012/11/04/giveaway-alamo-car-rental-deal-and-prize-pack-with-100-amex-gift-card/

    Anyway, thanks for running this support effort, Seth. I sent some money to CARE