Earn miles for supporting Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts

The wind and rain may have stopped but that doesn’t mean the disaster is over. Far from it, really.

As the recovery process in the New York City area continues in the wake of Hurricane Sandy airlines are getting in on the act, supporting the American Red Cross and other agencies. For some airlines that support comes in the form of volunteers from their employee ranks, heading in to the disaster area to support the efforts on the ground. And for others the support comes in encouraging members to donate to the relief organizations, mostly in the form of earning frequent flyer points in exchange for donating.

Here are the links I can find right now for airlines offering up bonus miles. If anyone has any others let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Finally, there are a bunch more resources available for folks looking to see how they can help out. JetBlue has a great list at the end of their post here.

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Seth Miller

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