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  1. Charlene
    Charlene at |

    I’ll be flying nonstop from ATL to SFO with Delta! Would love to connect during the flight and get some serious work done!

  2. Shawn P.
    Shawn P. at |

    If it’s free it’s for me!

    If selected, I will most likely use the gogo WiFi on JFK-LAX.

  3. David
    David at |

    WAS to DFW on the 26th

  4. Observer
    Observer at |

    Ill be flying ATL-SFO as well!

  5. Brian
    Brian at |

    DFW-SLC-DEN and BNA-ATL-DFW. No legitimate reason for wifi, just general mindless Internet clicking here.

  6. Joseph M
    Joseph M at |

    Want to get to either Costaa Rica or St. Thomas. So here’s hoping.

  7. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    ATL-LAX, ATL-LGA, ATL-ORD, LAX-DTW, I think there’s a few more still this year.

  8. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    I’ll be flying ORF->LGA->CMH and back through ATL on Delta during Christmas/New Years time. Hope I win, never used Gogo before.

  9. Jgsalter
    Jgsalter at |

    SEA-DTW , certainly not the longest route, but it’ll still be sshorter with free wifi…

  10. bk
    bk at |

    Thanks for the chance. Upcoming MSP>PIT trip.

  11. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    Four p.s. flights in the next 3 weeks, gogo would help.

  12. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    I’ve got a nice trip from MSP to JAX on Delta coming up and it would Great to have some free WiFi!

  13. Steve
    Steve at |

    Would love to have Internet on my flights from ORD to LAX… about 5 trips per year! Upcoming in two weeks.

  14. JamesP
    JamesP at |

    DFW-PHL. Thanks for the contest!

  15. Joel
    Joel at |

    New York to New Orleans.

  16. Spencer F
    Spencer F at |

    Either round-trip from LAX to SLC or LAX to YEG

  17. Laura
    Laura at |

    pdx-lax rt for FFU

  18. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    I live in Arizona and work in Florida, so I would probably us it on US from PHX to MCO

  19. Kenny
    Kenny at |

    sfo-ewr would be awesome to get some wifi!

  20. Smitty06
    Smitty06 at |

    Dfw to sea

  21. AK
    AK at |

    Lax-JFK on Delta!

  22. FEV
    FEV at |

    I’ll be using it on AA – LAX to/from DCA


  23. Scott
    Scott at |

    SEA – ATL on Alaska

  24. Larry D
    Larry D at |

    Newark to Punta Cana over Christmas and Philadelphia to Wilmington nc over thanksgiving ( but I don’t think that route would have Gogo Internet)

  25. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    ORD-PHX on US or DFW-ORD on AA.

  26. aaron
    aaron at |

    Alaska DCA-PDX-HNL and back. A lot of flying, need that GoGo.

  27. Mary
    Mary at |


  28. Ari
    Ari at |

    Phl-sea on the 25th

  29. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |


  30. jan
    jan at |

    SEA=PHL on the 18th

  31. Ekta Duggal
    Ekta Duggal at |


  32. Casey B.
    Casey B. at |

    I will be flying CYLW-KSEA-KDCA with a 6-hour layover in SEA. Hoping to stay entertained.

  33. Peter Tang
    Peter Tang at |

    Pick me, I have a few trips coming up:

    AA20 SFO->JFK on Nov 21st
    AA59 JFK->SFO on Nov 27th

  34. Julie
    Julie at |

    I would like to use it on my United flight IAH-FRA and return AMS-IAH. Great blog

  35. Erndog
    Erndog at |

    MIA-LAX-SLC in December

  36. Lindsay
    Lindsay at |

    I am flying a TON, including several LAX-JFK transcons. Please help me.

  37. Steve
    Steve at |

    Jfk lax dec 19

  38. ryan B
    ryan B at |

    I fly from SMF to CLT on a regular basis and havent tried the gogo service yet. This would be a good chance for me to get some work done mid flight and see what all the buzz is about.

  39. Kodoma
    Kodoma at |

    Flying BWI-BOS and BWI-BNA in the next two weeks so either route would be useful!

  40. SAN Greg
    SAN Greg at |

    I would use it on my AA flight from ORD to SAN in December.

  41. Paolo
    Paolo at |

    I’ll be flying JFK-LAX.

  42. Elle B
    Elle B at |


  43. John B
    John B at |


  44. Vincent F
    Vincent F at |

    SMF-MSP-CLT for Turkey Day reunion

  45. Cara Davis
    Cara Davis at |

    I will be flying roundtrip SEA to ONT in early December to surprise my family and be at my niece’s baby shower. Would love to try GoGo out on the trip!

  46. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    JFK to LAX on Delta

  47. Jason
    Jason at |

    RDU to TUS via DFW (crossing fingers that the AA flights have wi-fi)

  48. Matt
    Matt at |

    IAD-LAX and back

  49. Dav
    Dav at |

    Flying LAX-MCO in Dec, and visiting from Australia!

  50. Bren
    Bren at |

    flying PHL-BTV on the 22nd. Free Gogo would be awesome!

  51. Maia
    Maia at |

    I’ll be using it either from LAX to DCA , or from Paris France to LAX.

  52. Nguyen
    Nguyen at |

    Flying from SMF-IAH-MCO, and would love to have a GoGo pass. Thanks.

  53. Ujjwal Jain
    Ujjwal Jain at |

    ATL to SMF

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  55. Jason
    Jason at |

    Flying from LAX-JFK to be with my crazy family for Thanksgiving

  56. viguera
    viguera at |

    EWR-LAX, so I could definitely use some in-flight internet 🙂

  57. AJ
    AJ at |

    JFK – LAX, Seth!

  58. omp
    omp at |

    JFK-LAX roundtrip

  59. Bmvaughn
    Bmvaughn at |

    I would use it on SEA-BUR on AS.

  60. perryplatypus
    perryplatypus at |

    I would love to use on my ORD/LGA/DFW run

  61. Wes McEntyre
    Wes McEntyre at |

    ATL-> HNL – > LAX – > ATL. I know it won’t work over the Pacific but it would be great to have it part of the trip at least.

  62. Susan
    Susan at |

    GoGo is good anytime you will be flying in a wifi enabled trip. SJD-CLT then CLT-PHL

  63. Loran
    Loran at |

    I’m flying PDX-ATL RT in early December and would love to stay connected on one of the flights.