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  1. LincolnPark
    LincolnPark at |

    Uber is running into similar speed bumps here in Chicago. Though recently they managed to pull together 5500+ signatures to challenge proposed regulations that would shut them down in the Windy City. I’m keeping a close eye on this as well since I just discovered the service and love it!

  2. gpaya
    gpaya at |

    When presented with a competing product that is favorable to consumers in an established market, one must regulate!

  3. Gary
    Gary at |

    And since Uber doesn’t operate their own vehicles, but only existing licensed vehicles, the lack of licensing and safety concerns are pretty silly on-face. If the cars are unsafe that’s an indictment of the status quo regulatory regime, since the cars are already out there operating. Uber is simply a mechanism to make better use of underutilized resources, the downtime that cars face. At root it’s just matching software that helps customers find rides.

  4. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    There is a happy medium between regulation, and NO regulation. That is what we are seeing the market react to now. Unregulated free markets are NOT a cure-all. Just like private industry overreaches often, government also does. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the most up-to-date individuals inside government, as much of the attraction of public service has fallen by the wayside, and there is a great lag before some regulators are able to understand the complete picture of what they are, or should be regulating. Sometimes the market itself doesn’t know its product, and there are multiple solutions searching for problems. The world isn’t perfect, not even close, but respectfully to some peoples beliefs that doesn’t mean that we should throw away all rules and safeguards and allow anyone to do anything they want.