United upgrades benefits for Global Services members

Admittedly this change will be of value to a very, very small population of customers but, as a part of the notification United Airlines sent out about the change to GPU/RPU expiry which was announced last week there was a small addendum related to Global Services members. Global Services members will now have access to United’s Global First Lounges when flying in BusinessFirst. Here’s the text of the announcement:

[W]e are pleased to announce that as a Global Services member you now have access to our Global First Lounges when you fly United BusinessFirst® internationally. Located in seven airports, these lounges offer personalized service, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and premium beverages, and are available to you prior to departure and upon arrival. The Global First Lounge is also available to you when you fly United Business® on our p.s.® service between New York’s Kennedy Airport and Los Angeles or San Francisco (prior to departure only).

That’s a nice upgrade for those customers. Then again, that United didn’t allow their top customers access to those lounges until now is a little surprising to me.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Seth, I assume it was a way to give top tier customers top tier services, also they did not want to overcrowd the Lounges.

    I suspect that why they have changed now is that the old UA 3-cabin aircraft are changing to 2-cabin, so since First does not exist on those planes, they have to give the flyers access to the top Lounge since they are flying the top cabin :-).

    Not surprised at all; this is just the natural progression I think.

    1. I didn’t say I was surprised that this benefit was added, Kerwin; I’m surprised it took them this long to add it. Big difference.

  2. I’m surprised they don’t offer GFL access on to all GS pax on all UA routes (like HON with F lounge for M&M).

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