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  1. MilesFromBlighyty
    MilesFromBlighyty at |

    Nice for UGS!

  2. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Seth, I assume it was a way to give top tier customers top tier services, also they did not want to overcrowd the Lounges.

    I suspect that why they have changed now is that the old UA 3-cabin aircraft are changing to 2-cabin, so since First does not exist on those planes, they have to give the flyers access to the top Lounge since they are flying the top cabin :-).

    Not surprised at all; this is just the natural progression I think.

  3. Josh
    Josh at |

    I’m surprised they don’t offer GFL access on to all GS pax on all UA routes (like HON with F lounge for M&M).