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  1. Brian L.
    Brian L. at |


    According to this, Delta wouldn’t get any money from their deal until 2014, which would be a year after American got their money, if you believe the Delta spokesman. Assuming that’s true, I can’t fault Delta here. It’s stupid to give their competitors a head start and expect them to continue service. They’re not a charity.

  2. Mark A
    Mark A at |

    Living in Columbia, the fact that they were losing money kind of surprises me. Passenger counts at the airport were at all-time highs, and so were airfares.

    I have traveled for business for the last 4 years, and only 6 or so times has it made financial sense to fly out of COU using Delta. On average, a direct flight from COU to ATL was $300-$400 more than flying out of STL or MCI. When gas costs me $50 and parking another $40 for a 6 day trip, there was no option.

    While I’ll miss having Delta as an option, they were horribly overpriced here.

  3. Copa
    Copa at |

    Subsidy did not prevent AirTran and WestJet from pulling out of ACY. The subsidy ended and the passenger numbers were so bad that both the government and the airline said they wanted out.