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  1. Jamison
    Jamison at |

    next time, try out HotelTonight….

  2. Brian
    Brian at |

    So in the end how did you get a room? Or did you sleep on the beach?

  3. David
    David at |

    In similar situation, I have found hilton’s website took same day reservations as late as 9pm Pacific Time.

  4. Zach
    Zach at |

    That is an interesting policy by hotels.com especially when you consider their HQ are in Dallas and call centers are in the Philippines.

    I had a similarly difficult time with their midnight policy before but for distinctly different reasons.

  5. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    This issue has always been there. I’ve spoken to many of the hotels and there’s not much they are willing to do to change that sadly. As a matter of fact, some say they’ve never even thought of that. it’s sad, but true.

    The only thing you can do is to call the hotel directly and they will book the room for you, which negates all the special stuff you’d get online, etc.

    I’m still searching to get to talk to someone who can actually chat with a programmer at one of the big chains to get the ball rolling.

    Let me know what you find.


  6. Nick
    Nick at |

    I’m not sure where to ask this question, so apologies for putting it in this thread:

    The award search on this site seems to show availability in economy and business for Gulf Airways on certain dates, but when I call AA to book, I’ve found that the availability shown here does not match with what the agents are finding. (I’ve also tried flightstats, which also doesn’t seem to align with the AA availability that the agents are finding on Gulf). Has anyone encountered anything like this?

  7. Chris
    Chris at |

    I’ve hit this problem a few times. The SPG reservations line typically gets confused first, then tells me to call hotels for myself.

    Carlson seems to cut off at 11:30PM hotel time online, but then permits phone bookings past that point.

  8. mark
    mark at |

    1) What does Ruh roh mean?

    2) You say: “I can understand why they do it the way they do” when referring to the problem you face. Care to share the reason?