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  1. Andy
    Andy at |

    Hopefully this would accelerate the Schengen type ASEAN visa

  2. 2lovelife
    2lovelife at |

    Current Thai tourist visas allow for 60 day entry. Those that elect to use this visa will get the same time period, but only pay 1 visa fee. And will likely be able to back and forth without extra visas or fees involved.

    It would be nice to see follow up as we see peoples experience using them.

  3. mk
    mk at |

    what if you are just traveling from the US to Thailand and Cambodia for a week-10 days? Do you need a visa for this? Is there a temporary/short-term visa?

  4. mediator
    mediator at |

    I thought the two countries are still in the dispute of Preah Vihear Temple?

  5. Muerl
    Muerl at |

    @mk You can get a visa for Cambodia on arrival, if you arrive by air, and Thailand is a waver country.

    Warning about Cambodia, you will have to pay cash at the counter. USD is preferred, though they took my Ringgit begrudgingly.

    @Seth Vietnam Visas are easy if you are already in SEA. It took 1 day at the Embasy in PNH and it supposedly only takes an hour at the consulat in KOS.

    Or you can cross at the border WAY down south at Xa Xia/Prek Chak you can go to Vietnam visa free, but you must exit through the same border.

  6. Nic Theinwit
    Nic Theinwit at |

    The worst problem is the changing of rules so often. New rules for the tourist to learn and the immigration officials to get right. The immigration department has improved, but the check-points are still a mess.