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  1. Greg
    Greg at |

    They use Cessna 402’s on this route, with eight (8) seats. All the cheap flights seem to be sold out.

  2. mark
    mark at |

    Taking flights for “lines” is pretty silly.

  3. Nick Piggott
    Nick Piggott at |

    The UK airline you’re thinking of is FlyBe out of Norwich (NWI). Here’s a link… http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/norfolk/7321306.stm

  4. Heather @ passthedressing
    Heather @ passthedressing at |

    I see they are “partners” with United and AA but any idea on whether these are miles earning flights for either?

  5. Brabbit
    Brabbit at |

    Bilking the Federal Government for money, then complain about taxes…

  6. mediator
    mediator at |

    There used to be LEB-LGA operated by USair but stopped. Honestly, I wish there will be a LEB-JFK/EWR flight. BOS is not really an international gateway.

  7. cathy burke
    cathy burke at |

    Did you meet your 10,000 passenger mark?

  8. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    This is great unless you’re a taxpayer from somewhere other than Lebanon, N.H., and getting fleeced by the scheme.