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  1. Noah Kimmel
    Noah Kimmel at |

    Unlike Southwest, Jetblue has a hub with business contracts on one end (the BOS side). The e190 is a bit too much capacity for the route (if they try and ramp up frequency). But I am happy to see someone come in and beat up US Air.

    Will we see MCO/FLL in the fall? Maybe an LAX flight?

  2. Phudnik
    Phudnik at |

    PHL to MCO/FLL/TPA is pretty well saturated between US and WN/FL. I’d love to see B6 start up PHL-SRQ for selfish reasons but I wouldn’t think there’s much of a market for that route in Philly.

    There have been several attempts by low-cost carriers to fly PHL-BOS (FL and WN both tried and abandoned the route). Since US always raises fares to ridiculous levels when it has no competition, there is always opportunity for a lower-cost carrier, though as you note, it is hard to compete with hourly service from US.

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