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  1. MilesFromBlighyty
    MilesFromBlighyty at |

    It’s Continental now, we might as well just say that!

  2. Nicholas B.
    Nicholas B. at |

    After the marketing session at the United DO, this is not too surprising

  3. gpaya
    gpaya at |

    It will be interesting to see what MP promotions they come up with, including the non-flying promotions.

  4. K
    K at |

    Guess that “do everything the Continental way” strategy ain’t workin’ out! Couldn’t imagine why

  5. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Someone finally listening to the upset UA people ???

  6. Sean M.
    Sean M. at |

    Chris Amenichi is a good guy. I’ve known him for the better part of the last decade in various roles at Continental. Sad to see him leaving the organisation.

  7. CoFlyer
    CoFlyer at |

    Mark and Chris are really smart guys meet them at a Hanger event. Smisek was getting upset with all the issues and had to make a drastic decision. There were two Marketing divisions with-in the company. Mark was overseeing Website, Social Media and Merchandising and other Terrorist group known as MileagePlus was spamming people every minute and it complete chaos. Jeff decided to give the company to MileagePlus because they know how to waste money. Continental out and United MileagePlus takes over.

  8. CoFlyer
    CoFlyer at |

    The Intergration issues are some what gone now, but the Marketing combination led by Legacy United Execs is a complete mess and chaos. Tom O’Toole (a tool) and Jeff Folland (a puppet) have no earthly clue on what there role and direction is. Jeff Folland is in charge of everything and he still thinks that MileagePlus should be Spin off from the company like an idiot! MileagePlus clearly won the battle and war with Continental. In a company where Continental was taking over, those days are gone. Its actually Legacy United now. The only person left is Jeff Smisek, but he will leave so that Jeff Folland can be the next CEO and put this airline into the grave.