Air Canada’s Tango Plus fares on the outs??

Looking at the Air Canada website today it would appear that the Tango Plus marketing name for Air Canada’s economy class fares is on the way out. Tango Plus refers to the “normal” economy fares – deep discount are Tango and full fare are Latitude – and there is either confusion over Tango versus Tango Plus or someone had an extra bit of marketing spend they needed to use up by the end of last year to get their budget numbers right. Either way, the website is now indicating that Tango Plus fares will be renamed to Flex.

UPDATE: Press release now available confirming the change.


Of course, the name “Flex” implies flexible so it is a bit strange that the fees for changes and refunds on the Flex fares are the same as for Tango fares. Then again, the Tango Plus fares were the same way so not really all that surprising.

There are still some differences between Tango and Flex, just like always. Tango has limited earning in the Aeroplan and Altitude frequent flyer programs:


And options for priority handling at the airport are increased as the fares increase:


Overall this shouldn’t affect things too much, other than possibly reducing confusion between Tango and Tango Plus fares, even if it does introduce confusion with the idea of Flex fares which aren’t actually so flexible.

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