Awesome video from Norway’s railroads

I love a good time-lapse video and I love a good Scandinavian landscape. Thanks to the folks running Norway‘s railroad here’s an awesome combination of the two. Covering a 700+ kilometer route from Trondheim to Bodø, the trip was filmed four times and merged into a single video showing both the beauty of the land and the seasons. Very cool.

Yeah, I’m not so sure that a 10 hour documentary about the ride is something I’m up for watching, but the abbreviated version, particularly with the blending of the seasons is awesome. And almost as impressive as the video is the details on how they made it. You can read more about it here but the level of effort they put in to matching the position of the train and time stamps to ensure a smooth blend is pretty awesome.

Anywho, not really all that much news in this post but I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing. And now I want to go back to Norway (not that I ever was questioning that bit).

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Seth Miller

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  1. There are parts of the track on the way to my mom summer home in Sweden that are so bad that my cousin says they take off the round wheels and put on the square wheels. They high speed train from Gothenburg to Stockholm most times runs at 1/2 speed due to rail work or so many other issues. I love the rails in Scandinavia for the view but flying is so much faster!

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