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  1. Loran
    Loran at |

    A major negative of p.s. service is the lounge access policy on arrival, which is no access whatsoever. Just because the flight is over doesn’t mean I’m no longer a first class customer. If I connect after a p.s. flight to another UA flight there should be lounge access on arrival. That would really be premium service.

  2. eric
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    I also recently took a p.s. flight for the first time from JFK-LAX. I was in Business Class. My only complaint the seat. I was in the aisle of exit row 9, and it was just not comfortable at all. The meal- and in-flight services were as you said. Lots of food and flight attendants were attentive to the customers so it was nice. IFE – I never use that on any flights ever, so it’s not different here. I always bring my own music, iPad, etc. I did use the Go-Go wi-fi and had a good experience. It met expectations with speed for internet surfing and e-mails. I attempted to launch NBA Game Time and of course it wouldn’t stream any video, but I never really thought it would, just wanted to give it a try in case. I’m also a GS but didn’t think there was any elevated service based on that, because they took meal orders from front to back in Business. I requested only one choice (chicken) from the menu and that is what I received. I visited the International First Lounge at JFK but didn’t think much of it compared to the other lounge. The only sandwich type they had was tuna but it didn’t seem to be chilled enough for me and so I was hesitant to try it.

  3. Laurel
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    Writing in-flight reports bores you… that is so funny, I love it! Sometimes flight reports appear to be about showing off, I think, and it’s hard to not to read some of them with a comedic sense of #FirstWorldProblems irony….

  4. Torsten
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    Is United p.s. Service the best domestic business class flight? I would
    have not believed it before but yes I loved my recent flight.