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  1. Food Wine and Miles
    Food Wine and Miles at |

    Looks and sounds amazing. Singapore Suites is very high on my bucket list!

  2. LC
    LC at |

    Incredible! Thanks for sharing. Excuse me as I proceed to Dream about snagging a “Suite” seat:)

  3. Frequent Miler
    Frequent Miler at |

    Nice report. I’ll be on that same flight but in the opposite direction a couple of weeks from now.

    Why won’t you do it again?

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    I think this may be the best designed airplane experience out there – I was amazed at all the thought that went into the design and all the seat’s modes and pillows. Like the way the center divider lowers when it turns into a bed, and the back of the seat becomes a nightstand. How solid the table is. It really is a comfortable seat for dining, working, reading, movie watching – no compromises – and it is a great bed.

    We chose to do couples dining which was very cool.

    Just like you, we don’t know when we’ll ever get to do this again. And it was very cool to have the experience.

    @Frequent Miler – SQ generally doesn’t make more than a single seat available at the saver award level – and that only to their own SilverKris members – so that makes it impossible for a couple to share. I haven’t priced the paid fares, but I have the feeling it’s if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

  5. Will
    Will at |

    The SQ business / first class product is for sure pretty good. The economy product isn’t too shabby either. One thing about the SQ plane management technique that I didn’t particularly appreciate after a 10 hour flight while sitting in economy, was the flight attendants drew the curtains after landing. While the curtains were drawn, 10 minutes were spent opening the doors, emptying the business and first cabins and then they tidied up the cabins before economy passengers were permitted to deplane. Sure, it’s only 10 minutes, but on a tight connection – every minute counts. Have had this experience multiple times – my only complaint about SQ.

  6. Steve A
    Steve A at |

    Lavatories on the “lover” level? Exactly what kind of flight was it? LOL

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