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  1. rich (arizona)
    rich (arizona) at |

    At some point an airline will simply allow people to bid on each seat and highest bidder will get the seat.

    Just because someone will pay for it doesn’t mean it should be done. Like the rest of society companies are just trying to squeeze extra money out of people but there is only a finite amount of it.

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Affirms my decision to stop flying SWA this year, after two years as an A-List member

  3. Alex
    Alex at |

    Sounds like Southwest pulled a United move.

  4. Noah Kimmel
    Noah Kimmel at |

    It’s steep, but how else do you prevent people from not buying the $10 at booking? I agree it sucks for A listers, but its no different than if every Select seat was sold, and with 15 people on board, its not like A list wont have any bin space. DL Silvers board with people who have the credit card, southwest is just late to the game.

  5. CDKing
    CDKing at |

    I wish they would just get over it and start charging bag fees for those without status

  6. ffi
    ffi at |

    I am sure the bag fees will follow
    first 2 bags free then 1 bag free then as with the rest, cabin bags free etc etc
    I do not really see SWA as anything other than the rest. Their IT systems are too old and hard to change, so they have not made any changes to their operations; I am sure that as that IT is fixed, the rest of the improvements will follow.
    The only reason SWA is getting rid of the Airtran MD90/917s is that their IT would not support the change to include F class, I think

  7. Jon
    Jon at |

    I’m stuck flying th tomorrow, as a UA 1k I’ve become accustomed to early boarding, having an exit row, space for my bags… Heck maybe even an upgrade. If I can pay $40 to avoid the cattle-like boarding process that is SWA, I will!

  8. canuck_in_ca
    canuck_in_ca at |

    I heard the gate announcement in San Diego 2 weeks ago. I thought it was funny since the flight was only half-full. Needless to say there were no takers.

  9. Ben
    Ben at |

    sw is cheap, man, pay for what u got. I have to fly them because of the comp pass. Once my points are all used, i am done with them. Period. Its just insane every flight is full and people desparated to board early to use the compartment and free bag, suckers!

  10. Tech Trainer
    Tech Trainer at |

    I’m 1K with United and I far prefer the Southwest boarding system. It’s much more civilized to give each person a per-defined boarding slot. No “gate lice” and no hurt feelings when I use the special boarding lane.

  11. thrashsoundly
    thrashsoundly at |

    Maybe I’m not reading the release correctly, but it says “one of the earliest boarding positions” without specifying where. They don’t mention beating out A-list members for seats or getting first pick. It’s vague enough to only assume you’d get an A-position. If you’re assigned a C-position because you arrived late and could buy up to A-20, it would indeed seem like one of the “earliest positions.” I’d like them to specify where in the queue these last-minute UGs would land you. I’m not paying $40 to be 20th on the list, but I might for a top 6 seat (think exit-row).

  12. Jon
    Jon at |

    This is actually good news. If you’re running late to your destination (think wedding, funeral, important business meeting, home to be with family, etc.), you now actually have a last-minute opportunity to board (and exit) the plane first. Passengers will not likely pay the $40 fee often…but at least we now have an option for those time-sensitive scenarios.

  13. Art
    Art at |

    Daughter flew on SWA today. ONT to DEN to LGA. On 1st flight no takers since only about 50 people on flight. On 2nd flight 3 people paid to move up, plane still had a handful of empty seats.

  14. JCK75
    JCK75 at |

    Jon, excellent point. For people who really need the quick exit(where not wasting an extra 15 minutes getting off the plane is critical), this is probably well worth it.