JetBlue drops two TrueBlue bonus programs for 2013

Some rather sad news from the TrueBlue folks at JetBlue to start the 2013 earning year: Two programs for earning bonus points are being dropped from their arsenal.

First up, the Go Places promo expired at the end of 2012. This was a deal which earned passengers 50 TrueBlue points for checking in on Facebook or FourSquare at the airport when traveling. I never really got in to that program but I did sign up at one point and I also got the email announcing the cutting of the offer. Not a huge loss for me personally but definitely a cut to the program.

The other cut was rather less publicized (or maybe my email was lost en route) and likely affects many more TrueBlue members: JetBlue has terminated the Go Big earning promo option. This promo earned bonus points based on a tiered base point earnings (i.e. spend more cash, earn bigger bonuses) and for customers spending more than $2000 annually on JetBlue airfare the earning potential from the Go Big offers was quite significant. Alas, it is no more. Apparently the terms were too confusing to customers:


I actually can believe that it was too confusing for customers. The tier levels were progressive which meant great for earning more as you spent more but also not the easiest to follow along and predict earning. I was actually surprised a couple years ago when a Go Big bonus posted to my TrueBlue account, mostly because there was never a good way to track the earning. I think that a relatively simple status bar – similar to what was implemented for the Mosaic elite tracking – would have solved much of the confusion but I don’t get to make that call.

I’m obviously looking forward to seeing what the replacement offer is. Hopefully something with a similar potential upside for the folks spending big bucks on JetBlue.

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Seth Miller

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  1. What jetblue needs is a much better engine to search for partner awards. I hate having to call in nonstop only to have the agent say “no … sorry … sold out … unavailable ….” all the time

  2. I hope they replace. This represents a huge drop in earnings if they don’t replace.

    It was confusing to calculate on your own, but I agree that a status bar or even a running tally would solve that problem.

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