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  1. andrea
    andrea at |

    This was one of our least favorite parts of our LP trip to be honest, we were underwhelmed. we did the boat ride, it was long and uncomfortable!

  2. Gary
    Gary at |

    Just Curious…
    Was it called “lao lao”, or “lao kao”. In Laotian “lao kao” is rice whiskey. “lao”=alcohol, “kao”=rice?
    Or, was it really “lao lao”, which depending on the intonation, could mean Lao (Laotian) alcohol?
    Just wondering.

  3. MichaelP
    MichaelP at |

    As a native who has never visited LP (on my list) – thanks for the review. Would like to hear more about what other thinks of this excursion.

  4. GA
    GA at |

    Agree with Andrea at being underwhelmed, although the hike up those stairs was good exercise and appreciated after it was over, I visited as part of a half day trip to the elephants on the other side of the river. The boat ride over is a quick one (i did a longer sunset cruise later in my visit), with a van ride out to the site and back.

  5. glu800
    glu800 at |

    Just visited LP in early January and have to agree that the Pak Ou Caves were a little underwhelming. However, I thought Kuang Si falls were definitely spectacular. We did that later on the same day.

    The rice whiskey is definitely called lao lao. You can apparently get different concentrations of lao lao as well. My friend bought a small bottle of 30% or maybe 50% and we thought it tasted quite light and very sweet.

  6. Thomas
    Thomas at |

    Has anyone heard of stray bus in Laos?

  7. Kim
    Kim at |

    I had read so, many mixed reports of the caves that when I was there I just hired a boat for about an hour or two. We stopped at a couple of the villages. I very much enjoyed just being on the water and seeing the daily life of the locals.

  8. Keegan
    Keegan at |

    I did the stray bus. it was a great experience. it made my month in laos WAY more memorable than anything else could have… And it was soooooo simple. just wake up, and hope on

  9. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    I’m quite surprised at the comments. I found the Pak Ou caves to be a truly magical and enchanting experience. I would surely visit it again.

  10. RakSiam
    RakSiam at |

    When I went to Tham Theung my guide brought along a whole pack of those yellow candles you see everywhere. He placed them all around the cave. Made for some great photos and atmosphere.

  11. Keegan
    Keegan at |

    There is nothing to see at these caves… If you want to see true beauty, check out Kong Lor cave.

  12. Gary
    Gary at |

    Thanks glu800!
    I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on some next time I’m in Nong Khai.

  13. Ddynasty888
    Ddynasty888 at |

    We were at the Caves back in 2011 and to today, when I’ve got a moment to reflect, I’m taken back and filled with many fond memories of the sense of peace. Mind you, LP was one of the first stops on our trip thru Loas and Thailand ( been thru Thailand many times before). We decided to hire a driver who took us thru the “back roads” when compared to North America and we had a blast stopping at each little town along the way. Even thought each town was very similar to the next, we were humbled by the simple life. Back to the caves, each person in our group came away with a different thought but a story that one of the guides told us has stayed in my mind since then. Apparently the caves were a safe harbour for many locals during the occupation of the country by the Vietnamese communists…now thinking back, for it to be considered a place of reflection and the pure numbers of Buddha there, this allows at least me, to thank my lucky stars that I was born I to freedom. The journey by road was a wise choice for us