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  1. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    Big Win! Love the AirSpace lounge at BWI. I bet it will be even more popular given the higher traffic at JFK T5 compared to BWI and the high number of Amex Plat cardholders in NYC.

  2. David Abbey
    David Abbey at |

    Seth, good posting. I think the admission fee seems very reasonable, considering the price of food concessions at an airport. It may be light fare, but I’m sure it will do the trick for most people. Seems like a great idea!

  3. Acker
    Acker at |

    It will be nice if my $200 Amex Plat JetBlue credit works here. It should, right?

  4. Acker
    Acker at |

    Hey, so maybe free entry with Amex Plat?? Didn’t think of that.

  5. FlyingDoctorWu
    FlyingDoctorWu at |

    Airspace at BWI allows access with the American Express platinum charge card so hopefully the JFK (and CLE) lounges will to.

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