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    Argh. They insist that the names on the accounts match. For those of us who were recently forced to update the names on our SkyMiles account to match TSA records, this is likely to cause problems. Moreover, for folks like me who simply refuse to use our TSA-mandated full name as it appears on our passport in the course of daily business, SPG says there is no way we can participate.

    Not a very customer friendly move by SPG 🙁

  3. Erasmus
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    @seth – of course I understand that, but there’s a difference between a logical heuristic match, e.g. “John J. Smith” vs “Michael Jonathan Joseph Rupert Smith III” and an exact, verbatim match.

  4. Noah Kimmel
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    if we link, do we have to chose either skymiles or SPG Points? or do we get to double dip all the time?

    I guess, is there any downside to signing up? (DL Silver and SPG Gold)

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    Good call on your part Seth, not reading Delta Points blog

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