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  1. Zz
    Zz at |

    Good luck using SWU on those joint ventures

  2. SINJim
    SINJim at |

    I was one of ? people recently invited by AA to,participate in a community survey about my thoughts on various subjects including eVIP (systemwide) upgrades. I mentioned that for a recent trip from Singapore (where I live) to the US my experience speaks to AA’s weaknesses:

    To get from SIN to an AA connecting flight I had to fly Japan Air. The scheduled dictated that I fly the day before and stay at a Narita hotel. The Japan Air 6.5 hour flight was not upgradeable.

    On the return the schedule dictated that I land at Narita and then pick up my luggage, clear immigration, buy a $35 bus ticket, and then transfer to Haneda where I had to check in as if I were just starting my journey. My Japan Air flight was several hours later and in economy again since my upgrade was not applicable.

    The total cost was more than $2,000 and the Japan Air flights didn’t even earn 100% base mileage credit. Certainly they didn’t earn any elite mileage bonus.

    Contrast AA with UA who directly serve SIN.

    My upgrade covers me from SIN to the US. Schedules are aligned so that I can be a transit passenger in NRT with minimal time on the ground. I earn 100% mileage credit and a 100% elite bonus. Cost is ~$1,700.

    In response to my survey answer another participant wrote “you have to take advantage of One World partners.” She obviously was not familiar with reality.

    If AA/JP would address the above competitive deficiencies I’d gladly fly with them.

  3. Carl
    Carl at |

    Totally agree with your points, WA. Flying on JV partners has major disadvantages compared to flying on the metal where you are elite, especially in areas like IRROPS, upgrades, and lifetime status earning. The JV partner treats its own elites well, but if you are not elite with them, you are really treated like nobody (e.g. my downgrade on LH.) And in many cases you cannot even check-in to the partner’s flights and have to get BPs en-route which can cause you to misconnect if there are lines.

    Cranky seems to never place any value on elite benefits, and I think he’s wrong on that score.

  4. Wings
    Wings at |

    It sure would be nice if AA built up a hub somewhere in Asia. KIX or ICN maybe? A stronger foothold in Asia would be a good idea for them. Who knows…maybe that’s their plan w/ all those new 777s and 787s?

  5. Rizwan
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    International hub rights are done by treaty rather than by commercial agreement?

  6. ptahcha
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    Agree that JV does not benefit the consumers, but only the airlines themselves, which is what appears the POV Cranky is writing from.

    If the airline is making money, while someone else is delivering all the work on their dime, why should the airline be concerned? It’s the same how UA was using Aer Lingus on the IAD-MAD route.