Phillip Phillips, Live from T5

I’m not particularly interested in American Idol so I had no idea what to expect when I saw the announcement that Phillip Phillips was performing at JetBlue‘s JFK T5 terminal. To be honest, I didn’t even recognize the name. But the show was on Monday and I had the day off for President’s Day and nothing better to do so I headed out to the airport, grabbed a quick lunch and then settled in to watch the show. As they were getting set up for the performance I noticed that his band included a cellist; that was definitely a positive bit. I decided maybe this wouldn’t be all bad.


Phillips filmed a couple PR segments prior to the actual show. Not surprisingly the area was mobbed, mostly with teen and tween girls. I was quite surprised how many managed to get to the airport for the show, though it quickly became clear that most of them were JetBlue crew kids. And there were a few crew who commuted in for the show; the two women sitting next to me were flight attendants down from Boston for the day. Most impressive to me of that scene, however, was that Phillips hung out when he finished filming the promo spots and took photos with everyone there who wanted one. That was a classy move.

And, right when it was supposed to, the show kicked off. Seeing a concert in an airport terminal isn’t especially common. It is always entertaining, however. Watching the people unaware of why it is happening trying to navigate the crowds is quite amusing. And the show itself was pretty good, too. Phillips performed six songs: Hold On; Gone, Gone, Gone; Man on the Moon; A Fools Dance; Wicked Game and Home. There was another photo session after the show for VIPs at the event. I have no idea how the VIPs got that treatment but it was fun to see how excited they all were to attend the show and get the photo. I got a picture, too, though the PR folks haven’t forwarded it over to me.

Here is the video I shot of the concert. Decent, I think, given how far away I was and no tripod. Enjoy.

Definitely not your typical airport experience.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Looks like you were sitting pretty far back. That’s unconscionable. I’d demand points if I were you!

    1. I purposely chose the section that far back. It is on the other elevated platform in the center of the terminal and gave me unobstructed views, a seat and a ledge to lean against. I just need to bring a better zoom lens next time. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post and the videos. Felt (a bit) as if I were there. Saw Phillip in December- wow, the band has really jelled now – fun to see.

  3. He is actually a really good musician…I heard his music before I even knew he was on American Idol!

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