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  1. Tim
    Tim at |

    So does booking a Business Select fare on southwest.com on a flight operated by AirTran guarantee you a seat in Business Class?

  2. Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson at |

    Now the only question is can we use our companion pass on these flights??

  3. Adam V
    Adam V at |

    Seth, it does not matter which site the customer books on for checked bags. If they book on AirTran or Southwest the customer still gets two free bags as long as there is a Southwest segment in the reservation. All we do out of SMF is SMF-SNA-MEX/SDJ and it’s two bags free since you can only book international on AirTran. The standby and change policy is with which airline site you book thru still though. And if you book business select with an AirTran segment you get a seat in business class. 🙂

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  5. Nancy
    Nancy at |

    I purchased a roundtrip SFO-ATL specifically so I would get free bags on southwest, and the flight numbers are southwest but “operated by airtran” and I have to check in at airtran. Will I still get free bags?