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  1. George the Travel Monkey
    George the Travel Monkey at |

    I know a few bloggers who would have turned this into a 13-parter!

    Do you think that flying is quicker/easier than taking a train? Thinking of hopping around continental Europe and would like to know your opinion.

  2. superflip
    superflip at |

    For this flight, the train is possibly quicker and easier, especially if the train deposits you in the part of town (downtown) where you want to be. It’s ~3hrs on the train, trains every half hour, 374DKK walk up fare, cheaper fares available for advance purchase.

  3. Rusty
    Rusty at |

    Nice video!

    @George- The train takes about 3h20m and is much more conveiniently located. The problem with flying is that the Aarhus airport is waaay outside the city. Also, the bus price to get into Aarhus is quite signifigant. –So neither option is fantastic.

  4. FlyingBear
    FlyingBear at |

    Did your gate in Copenhagen happen to be at the very end of that terminal? I was on that flight last October but was connecting from a US flight with only 30 minutes to spare. Worked up some sweat on that run. That terminal must be one of the longer ones out there relative to the number of people it serves.