JetBlue’s Fly-Fi hits the road….literally

JetBlue has big plans for Fly-Fi, their in-flight internet service. The carrier has been working for the past couple years to get the Ka-band satellite service up and running and they’re in the home stretch, with one plane fitted and awaiting FAA approval for test flights and, eventually, formal certification. And while they might not be flying yet, that doesn’t mean that the service isn’t being tested. Thanks to this modified test truck the company is able to test the connectivity and performance from a moving vehicle.

Sure, it isn’t an Airbus A320 cruising at 35,000 feet, but it gets the job done, at least for now.

The excede product from ViaSat is known to be reliable and functional for stationary transceivers; the big leap for JetBlue, LiveTV and ViaSat is ensuring that the system remains stable when the dish is moving. This custom rig lets the companies test their operations at highway speeds. The test rig previously spent some time on the west coast and it is now doing a tour of duty in central Florida, near the LiveTV headquarters.

The company still expects to have the system flying by mid-year on their planes. United Airlines will also be using the system on part of their fleet.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I wonder if the latency of satellite internet would differ from being on land vs. 35k ft? Probably not too much, but it would be interesting to find out. Thanks for posting! Also, I think the link for the Exede product from ViaSat portion may be misspelled.

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