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  1. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    That sounds great, road trip thru Germany & Denmark. I look forward to the trip report, have fun!

  2. wolfgang
    wolfgang at |

    How many miles did you use in booking it?

  3. Rich O
    Rich O at |

    with few exceptions, they only drive on the “wrong” side in the UK (and former UK possessions)

  4. Carsten
    Carsten at |

    It sounds like you will only be driving in Jutland, so I you don’t have to worry about the great belt bridge ($40 each way) or other toll roads. Do book your car from a non-danish website, as you are entitled to rent cars where the rental agency have not paid taxes on the car. This tax issue makes it significant cheaper to rent a car there. In Billund airport I have rented cars at a net expensive of 400 DKK per day (< $80) and that is about as cheap as it will get in that part of the world.