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  1. Muerl
    Muerl at |

    Dear Seth,

    Stop making me want to go back to Asia 🙁

  2. Rob
    Rob at |

    Loved that post! I’m hooked on zip lining. This is now in my go to places. But up next: Costa Rica!

  3. mike
    mike at |

    what app did you use to make the video?

  4. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    Laos is on my list of places that I’ll be visiting in the near future. Bit with this write up, I want to drop everything and leave right now to enjoy such pristine adventures. BTW nice pics!

  5. Muerl
    Muerl at |

    Yea, I get it Seth I want some Beer Lao and some Larp looking at the river.

    Aptraveler its amazing. We did zip lining up North in Bokeo Nature Reserve at the Gibbon Experience, which was expensive, but a unparalleled experience. You Zipline into Tree houses and then spend the night in them.